Miniature Medical Ephemera #miniaturemedical
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Miniature Medical Ephemera #miniaturemedical

Miniature Medical Ephemera by LDelaney on Etsy

A collection of miniature medical ephemera from the turn of the century, this clever little set is perfect for the miniaturist with an interest in the history of science. The collection contains 13 pieces created from original photographs and documents related to doctors and medicine. They would look fantastic displayed in attics, libraries, studies, laboratories or miniature doctor's offices... 1-inch scale The pieces range in size from about .5" to 1.5" These are high-resolution images printed on sturdy cream cardstock and resume paper. Every piece is one-sided. Collection includes: -old Yale medical diploma -advertisement for Dr. Batty's Asthma Cigarettes -cabinet card photograph of nurse -1 old pharmaceutical prescription -1 sepia photograph of medical school dissection -3 medical anomaly cabinet cards -5 medical pages with illustrations of surgical tools, skull, hip joints,internal organs, and effects of corset wearing on internal organs Everything else you see pictured is available in my Etsy store, or by order! My pretty packaging makes every order the perfect gift!


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